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Error calling RunUI method of the script object when attaching custom compiled Text Export Connector to Document Class


QAID # 13661 Published

Question / Problem:

I am having trouble with the Kofax Capture Export Connector - Text project that is included with Kofax Capture 9.0. When I compile the project, install it into the ServLib\Bin directory and register it in the Administration module, I receive an error when attempting to add it a Document Class.

The error log shows an error message such as:

Error calling RunUI() method of the script object.

Followed by:

Error running export connector "Text Export Connector" for batch class "
<BatchClassName>" and document class "<DocumentClassName>", Return Value: -1

Answer / Solution:

This is caused by project references pointing to incorrect locations

Check the references for the Kofax Capture Interop libraries in use by the project. For example, we found Kofax.ReleaseLib.Interop pointing to the GAC, (Global Assembly Cache), and Kofax.Connector.Common pointing to the local project directory.

All references to Kofax Capture Interop libraries should point to:

<Drive>:\Program Files\Kofax\CaptureSS\ServLib\Bin 

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