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Fatal Error 1516 When registering an Export Connector


Question / Problem: 

I have a custom Export Connector that I am trying to register using the RegAscSc.exe utility and am receiving a Fatal Error 1516. 

This Connector is comprised of several dll files that were copied over from another Kofax Capture machine that was working.

All required client components are installed, tested and are working properly.

Answer / Solution: 

Make sure you are logged onto the machine with full administrative access. 

Right-click the Export Connector dll, go to properties and check if the dll is blocked. 

Unblock the Export Connector dll and supporting dll's.

Open a Command window, running as Administrator and navigate to the Kofax Capture executable folder.

Execute the following command: RegAscSc.exe /f MyInfFile.inf


Applies to:  

Product Version
Kofax Capture ALL