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PDF files imported into Capture exported as TIFF JPEG files when TIFF Group 4 compression enabled


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Question / Problem:

When importing PDF files and selecting TIFF - CCITT Group 4 as the release image file type, some (or all) of the released images are actually TIFF - JPEG Compression. As a result I cannot view the images in Windows Photo Viewer or another third-party application.

Answer / Solution:

This scenario occurs when the original PDF file is created with a bit depth (bits per pixel) greater than 1. Bitonal images have 1 bit per pixel, whereas color images can have up to 24 bits per pixel. To the human eye, the PDF may appear to be black and white (bitonal). But it is the bit depth that Kofax Capture uses to make the distinction between color and bitonal. You can verify the bit depth of an image using IrfanView or another third-party graphics program.

Only 1-bit bitonal images can be used to create a Group 4 TIFF. If the image being imported and sent to Export is 24-bit color or 8-bit grayscale, a TIFF with JPEG compression will be exported.

Below are some suggested workarounds:

  • One solution would be to use an application capable of viewing TIFF with JPEG compression. Windows Photo Viewer is not capable.
  • Request that the parties submitting the PDF files use a particular tool that generates PDF files in the desired format. However, this may not be practical is some cases.
  • Rescan of Document: The document could be printed and then rescanned, however this too may not be practical.
  • The Kofax Capture 8 Color To Bitonal Image Converter Module is a Custom Module that can be placed anywhere in the workflow between Scan and Release, and is provided ‘As-Is.’  This Custom Module is designed to run as a service and will convert color TIFF images (with JPEG compression) to bitonal TIFF images that are capable of being released as TIFF - CCITT Group 4 fax.
  • Set the JPEG compression mode for all scan and import sources to use Tech Note 2 JPEG compression in the VRS Adminstration Console | Scanner Configuration.  Windows Photo Viewer and other third part applications can read TIFF images using Tech Note 2 JPEG compression.  For instructions, see Windows Photo Viewer Cannot Open Color and Grayscale TIFF Images Exported from Kofax Capture

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