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Product license does not include Image processing error during Release

13853  ***INTERNAL ONLY***
This article has been marked ***INTERNAL ONLY*** as the product version has reached End of Support

Question / Problem:

The following error message is returned when attempting to process a Batch through the Release module:

"Unable to initialize: Kofax Ascent Capture Release Source. Your product license does not include Image processing. Please select another source."

How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

This error is likely due to either a corrupt Software Import Source or a corrupted VRS 4.x klock132.kpm file.

To resolve:

  • Recreate the Software Import Source, and/or any other corrupted sources, as necessary (QAID 1394).
  • Replace any instances of the ImgCtls\bin\klock132.kpm file with copies from a working version of Capture.

Applies to:

Product Version