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Add Alternate KCNS Central Site for High Availability


QAID # 12886 Published 

Question / Problem:

How can I add an alternate Central Site to an existing KCNS 8.0 Primary Central Site configuration to obtain business continuity for all Remote Sites?

Answer / Solution:

The following steps can be used to configure an Alternate Central Site in an existing Primary Central Site configuration:

  1. Verify that the Primary Central Site is able to resolve the URL for the new alternate Central Site.
  2. Launch the Primary Central Site's Administration module.
  3. Under the Tools ¦ KCN Server menu, launch the Central Site Manager.
  4. Click the New button and input the URL for the Alternate Central Site.
  5. Close the Central Site Manager.
  6. Verify that all existing Remote Sites are able to resolve all Central Site URLs.
  7. Under the Edit ¦ Profiles menu, select KCN Server Remote Site Profiles.
  8. Select the appropriate Remote Site Profile name from the dropdown menu.
  9. Click the Business Continuity tab.
  10. Add the Alternate Central Site to the Assigned list.
  11. elect the desired Batch Upload setting.

For more information about the Kofax Capture Disaster Recovery feature, please see the Installation Guide for the appropriate version of Kofax Capture.

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