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Activate a Kofax Capture License

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Which possibilities are there to activate the Kofax Capture license?

  • How does Automatic Activation work?
  • How does Manual Activation work?



Automatic Activation

To activate the license automatically, open the License Utility and select File -> Activate.

In the next form it is necessary to enter the serial number and the product code like shown below.


In the final step you need to click the Automatic button to activate the license automatically.


Automatic License Activation Website Hostname -


Manual Activation

If automatic license activation fails, because the Kofax Capture Server (e.g.) has no internet access, you can manually activate the license here: Manual Activation



The Serial Number that needs to be entered usually starts with two characters followed by 5 digits.

Example: AT12345

Furthermore enter your Email Address and click Next.


If the license is recognized as Software License then the form will also ask for the product code and the machine id. Hardware licenses do not need a product code or machine id.



The machine ID can be collected from the license Utility.


After entering the information into the form click the Submit button.


The manual activation code will be generated below the form.



This code can be copied to to clipboard and be pasted into the Kofax License Utility.



NOTE: It is important that the license code is copied exactly as displayed in the Webform. Any changes which are made to the code will result in an error. Also additional blank spaces directly before or after the code will lead to an error.




The license can then be activated by clicking the Activate button.

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