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Adding a new field to an existing Validation Script

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How to add a new field to an existing Validation Script?


New Fields added to a Document Class are not automatically added to a VB.NET Validation script.
This is a manual operation done in the script code. At the top of the VB script file, you will notice several declarations that look like this:

Namespace testAAA

<SuppressFieldEventsOnDocClose(false)> _
Public Class testAAA
Inherits DocumentValidationScript
<IndexFieldVariableAttribute("Name0")> _
Dim WithEvents Name0 As FieldScript

<IndexFieldVariableAttribute("Name1")> _
Dim WithEvents Name1 As FieldScript

<IndexFieldVariableAttribute("Name2")> _
Dim WithEvents Name2 As FieldScript

<IndexFieldVariableAttribute("Name3")> _
Dim WithEvents Name3 As FieldScript

<IndexFieldVariableAttribute("Name4")> _
Dim WithEvents Name4 As FieldScript

To add the new Field, simply copy one of these declarations and replace the Field name with the new.


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Article # 3032432
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