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Install Modules as a Service

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How can I install modules as a service, and what considerations need to be taken into account when doing so?




The following executables for the unattended modules are located in the Kofax Capture Bin folder:


These can be installed from the command line with the following syntax:

  • Install: module_executable.exe -install
  • Uninstall: module_executable.exe -uninstall

If you are using User Profiles, use the following additional syntax:

  • Install: module_executable.exe –install -u:"userID" -p:"password"
  • Uninstall: module_executable.exe –uninstall -u:"userID" -p:"password"

An enterprise license is required to install multiple instances of the same module. For details on this, please see KB Article#8259

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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
CAPTURE 11.1      


See the Kofax Capture Installation Guide for more information on installing as a service.



Article # 3048096