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Install or move the License Service to a Capture Workstation

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How do I install or move the license service on a client workstation in Kofax Capture?


Attaching the License Service on a client workstation does require some additional configuration. Please refer to the following steps for allowing your client station to run as the license server.

NOTE: These instructions are for setting up licensing on a client station only and not the instructions for setting up failover (cluster server environments for example) protection.

Installing the License Service on Client Workstations

  1. Install the Capture client software from the Capture Server's WrkInst folder.
  2. On the client workstation, run AcLicSrvCfg.exe. This file can be found in the Bin directory.
  3. The Enable Licensing Service interface will display.
  4. Select User Name.
  5. Assign a logon account to the service by entering a User Name, Password and Domain. Click OK to install the service.


Disabling the License Service on the Server

Once the License Service has been enabled on a client (as above), it needs to be disabled on the server.

On the server, from the command-line, enter the following:

AcLicSrvCfg.exe /d

(The AcLicSrvCfg.exe file is located in the Bin folder.)


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