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Scripting - Validation - Save and Skip a Document in a Field PostProcessing Event

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How can I Save and Skip a Document in a Field PostProcessing event?


There is no direct way to set a Document to Save and Skip within a Field PostProcessing event. However, you can set the Document.Validated property in a Field PostProcessing event then, in the subsequent Field's PreProcessing event you can check the Document.Validated property and perform the Document Save and Skip there.

Private Sub Name0_FieldPostProcessing(sender As Object, e As PostFieldEventArgs) Handles Name0.FieldPostProcessing
    If Name0.IndexField.Value = "SomeValue" Then
        Name0.IndexField.Document.Validated = True
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub Name1_FieldPreProcessing(sender As Object, e As PreFieldEventArgs) Handles Name1.FieldPreProcessing
    If Name1.IndexField.Document.Validated = True Then
       e.SkipMode = PreFieldEventArgs.SkipModeEnum.SaveAndSkipDocumentOrFolder
    End If
End Sub


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