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Use a Date Value in a File Name

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I would like to use a Date value from an Index Field as part of a file name when exporting. However, the date format is, "MM/DD/YYYY", and the slash, (" / "), character is not allowed in file names. My company does not want to change the format in the Regional Settings to use a different character other than the slash.

How can I use the Date value as a filename.


You can implement a Validation script to implement a second, hidden Index Field as a VARCHAR then copy the DATE value into that Field and format the value, replacing the slashes with something else. You can do this in the DocumentPostProcessing event. Here is an example where Name0 is the DATE Field and Name1 is the VARCHAR Field:

Private Sub test1_DocumentPostProcessing(sender As Object, e As PostDocumentEventArgs) Handles Me.DocumentPostProcessing

    Name1.IndexField.Value = Name0.IndexField.Value.ToString.Replace("/", "-")

End Sub

In your Export Connector setup, you would use the hidden Index Field for the file name.

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Article # 3042651
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