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User profile from a different domain

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Can users, from outside Kofax Capture domain, still use linked user accounts, while not being themselves attached to the Active Directory in question?  The scan station site is completely offsite and does not have any AD trusts and only accesses KC over KCNS via https.



As designed



Kofax Capture support Two-Way Forest Trust to a Child Domain.

Kofax Capture sees what Windows sees, if the child/second/external domain is not present in the network location, isn’t something Kofax Capture can control, because If the domain, from where these users are belong, has no two relationship trust with the domain where KC is installed, Windows will not be able to discover them and/or kofax either.

So if windows would discover them , and from Kofax user profile you are able to link them , they should be able to access kc modules (as far as they also have access to database and captureSV sharing folder).

SSO won't work as these conditions are needed:

1. DomainA <----------> DomainB Trusted bilaterally

2. DomainA and DomainB are both root domains within the same forest

3. There is a child of DomainB: Child.DomainB.

4. UserB is a linked user of groupB within Child.DomainB


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Kofax Capture 11.x N/A N/A N/A





Article # 3047246
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