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Best Practice for Replacing Kofax Capture Server


QAID # 17654 Published

Question / Problem:

What is the best practice for replacing an existing Kofax Capture server machine with a new Kofax Capture server machine?

Answer / Solution:

The following steps comprise the best practice to replacing an existing KC server with a new one:

  1. Determine what the Kofax Capture server does so that the new Kofax Capture server will be configured the same way:
    • Is this a KCNS environment?
    • Is the KCNS service running on this server?
    • Is this the License server?
    • Are there any Kofax Capture service packs or fix packs installed?
    • Are there any Kofax Capture Plug-ins, such as KTM, KIC 2.1?
    • What kind of Kofax Capture database is this server installed with?
    • Is the CaptureSV folder installed on this server or on a shared drive?
  2. Determine if the new machine's OS version meets the Supported Configuration requirements. Please view the Kofax Cross Product Compatibility Matrix.
  3. Make sure the user performing the installation has full administrative rights and the antivirus and firewall is disabled during the Kofax Capture installation.
  4. Export the Batch Class files and save a copy of any Custom Modules and scripts.
  5. Process all Batches out of Batch Manager.
  6. Make sure that users have the correct permissions to run Kofax Capture (See QAID 2482).
  7. Install Kofax Capture server on the new server machine.
    1. Install any customer Release Scripts/Export Connectors and modules.
    2. Install any required Kofax Capture plug-ins
  8. Import the Batch Classes and run tests to make sure they work.
  9. Make sure there is network connectivity between the new KC server and KC client machines.
  10. Move the software license from the old KC license server to the new KC license server machine only when the new KC server is ready to go live. See QAID 13104.
  11. Uninstall KC on the existing KC client machines and reinstall it by using the UNC path to WrkInst\setup.exe on the new KC server machine.
  12. Run tests on the Kofax Client machines to verify that connectivity, permissions and Batch processing work.

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