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Best practices for uninstalling Kofax Capture on the server


Question / Problem: 

What are the best practices for uninstalling Kofax Capture on the server?

Answer / Solution: 

Prior to uninstalling Kofax Capture, export all Batch Classes that need to be saved.

Best Practice steps to uninstall Kofax Capture on the server:

1. Stop all KC services and module

2. Stop all KC add-on (KTM, KIC)

3. Stop the SQL server services

4. Stop anti-virus and Windows Firewall

5. Uninstall KC FP and then SP in Program and Features/View installed updates

6. Uninstall KC Server/workstation in Programs and features

7. Uninstall VRS in Programs and features

8. Use Kofax Capture Cleanup utility to clean up Kofax files, folders and registration keys

9. Run IPSnooper to cleanup VRS files

10. Delete temp files from user who have installed KC or VRS, Users/Userxyz/AppData/local/Temp. Delete all files inside the user temp folder.

11. Empty the recycle bin

12. Reboot the machine.


A copy of the Kofax Cleanup Utility and IPSnooper can be downloaded from the Kofax website:

If you are having problems uninstalling KC via the Programs and Features, there may be an issue with the OS layer. Use the Microsoft tool “MicrosoftFixit” to uninstall KC.

Launch the utility and select the option to uninstall.

Then look for and select Kofax Capture to be uninstalled.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Capture 10.0 Install / Uninstall
Capture 10.1 Install / Uninstall
Capture 10.2 Install / Uninstall
Capture 11.0 Install / Uninstall