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Database KofaxCapture already open and can only have one user at a time error after installing Service Pack or Fix Pack


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Question / Problem:

The following error message is present in the Capture ERR log file after installing a service pack or fix pack:

[4006] KdoLib: Error executing SQL command. Database 'KofaxCapture' is already open and can only have one user at a time.

Answer / Solution:

This error message typically means that there are Users and/or Services running that are connected to the Capture database during the update. If exclusive access is not attain versions of Capture have an added feature for DBAs to take the Capture database offline and manually patch the database via DDL scripts.

The supported versions of Capture to perform this with are:

  • Capture 10.0 SP2 FP9 or higher
  • Capture 10.1 SP1 FP1 and higher
  • Capture 10.2 and higher
  • Capture 11.0 and higher

The following instructions can also be viewed in the ReadMe file for any of the Fix Packs noted above:

Change database update procedure for Service / Fix pack installations.


    is the path that the environmental variable TEMP points to.
    is the path for Kofax Capture data files. Use ACDeployUtil.exe to view this path.

        - Database patching will be skipped when the KofaxCapture-10.0_Updater_EN.EXE is executed with "/NoDb" switch.

        - After the updater finishes successfully with "/NoDb" switch, the ERR_YYMM.log will contain the path to which the SQL statements are genera

            ..., DBUtil,

, 10.00.5164, Utilities.PatchDatabases, 0, SQL Statements are being generated in "

            ..., DBUtil,
, 10.00.5164, Utilities.PatchDatabases, 0, Copied "
\PatchDB.sql" to "
\Logs\PatchDB.sql"., ,

            ..., DBUtil,
, 10.00.5164, Utilities.PatchDatabases, 0, Deleted "
\PatchDB.sql"., ,

            ..., DBUtil,
, 10.00.5164, Utilities.PatchDatabases, 0, SQL Statements have been generated successfully. Database's changes must be applied manually., ,

- Any attempt to launch Kofax Capture modules prior to updating the database will be forced to stop with the following message in the ERR_YY

            ...[4110] KdoLib: The DatabaseVars.ServicePackNum does not match the current version: schema=10029, database=
., ,

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