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Network path was not found error after changing Capture Workstation IP Address


QAID # 10576 Published

Question / Problem:

I changed the IP address of a Kofax Capture workstation machine, and now when launching a Capture module on the machine, I receive the following error:

"AcSbst: Kofax.acconfiguration: the network path was not found".

Answer / Solution:

This is usually caused by the DNS or name resolution problem.

Make sure that you are able to resolve the host name and the share name of the CaptureSV directory and the Kofax Capture server.

To troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Determine if you can ping from the workstation machine to the Kofax Capture server and vice versa using IP address and machine name.
  2. Determine if you can connect to the Kofax Capture server and its shared folder by entering the Capture server name in the UNC path.
  3. Make sure that a firewall does not restrict you from resolving machine names.
  4. Determine if the DNS is functioning properly.
    As a workaround, you can also add a hostname entry in the Hosts file in the <Windows>\System32\Drivers\etc folder. Wait a minute or so for the change to take effect before attempting to launch an Kofax Capture module.

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