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Silently upgrade a Capture Workstation using a MSI file and create an installation log file


QAID # 17812 Published

Question / Problem:

Is it possible to silently upgrade a Kofax Capture Workstation using a MSI file with no user interface or pop-up windows, and also create an installation log file?

Answer / Solution:

Yes. This can be accomplished by using the following command (see the comments for the explanation of the MSI options used):

msiexec.exe /i " \Capture.msi" /qn INSTALL_TYPE="Workstation" SERVERDIR="\\
<Kofax_Server>\CaptureSV" UPGRADE="1" /Lcaemoi+! "<LogFile_PathFileName>"


  • /i
    The installation option of the product; in our case, Capture.msi.
  • /qn
    The Display option of q for quiet and n for no User Interface (UI) / no pop-up windows.
  • /Lcaemoi+!
    L is for log file, c is for initial UI parameters, a for startup actions, e for all error messages. m is for out of memory or fatal exit information, o for out of disk space message, i for status messages, + to append to existing file, and ! to flush each line to the log.

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Keywords: msi, silent client installation, ODBC