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Unknown Service Not Running error installing Capture


QAID # 16195 Published

Question / Problem:

When starting the Capture installer, the following error message is returned:

Unknown Service Not Running

The Unknown service is not running. Please start the Unknown service in the Service Control Manager and try again

How can this issue be resolved?

Answer / Solution:

Confirm that the Windows Management Instrumentation service is started. If the service is started, but this issue is still occurring, there may be an issue with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

To confirm that there is an issue with WMI, run the msinfo32 program from the Command Prompt.

There is an issue with WMI if the System Information window returns the error message:

Can't Collect Information. Cannot access the Windows Management software.

In some cases, WMI may be repaired by executing the following command in the Command Prompt:

winmgmt /salvagerepository

After WMI is repaired, the installer should no longer halt with the Unknown Service error.

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