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Activate RSA throws User Account Control login prompt


Question / Problem: 

When a Standalone Machine is converted to a Remote Site server and the Activate RSA button is used, then a User Account Control (UAC) login prompt could be received.  

  • Why is the UAC credentials prompted during Activate RSA process?

Answer / Solution: 

The Activate RSA button within Batch Manager launches ACIRSA.exe and writes the ACIS Remote Synchronization Agent executable to the Startup of MSConfig.

  • If the logged-in user does not have sufficient rights to that directory or, if UAC is set too sensitively, then the UAC login prompt is received.
  • One-Time access rights to complete the MSConfig Startup write are needed to complete the Activate RSA process.


An alternative is to install the Remote Synchronization Agent as an unattended service:

  1. Launch an elevated Command Prompt.
  2. RUN: ACIRSA.exe /install 
     - Pop-up received confirming successfully installed service
  3. RUN: Services.msc
  4. Locate the ACIS Remote Synchronization Agent (ACISRSA) service properties: Set Startup Type to Automatic 
  5. Start the ACIRSA service and reboot to test.

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