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Central Site Changed the Published Batch Classes Error While Synchronizing Batch Classes After Central Site Web Server URL IP Address Changed


Question / Problem: 

When the Web Server URL of the KCN Server Site is configured using an IP Address, and that IP Address is changed, then the Remote Site Servers will encounter an error during Remote Synchronization Agent depiute the KCN Server URL Tests completing successfully.   

(4904) Error while synchronizing batch classes: (5) The central site changed the published batch classes while they were being retrieved. Please try again later.

Answer / Solution: 

This issue can occur when there is a duplicate record on the Domains Table for the Kofax Capture database.  
Removal of that Linked User and the duplicate database record on the Domains Table is necessary to resolve this issue

Steps to resolve: 

  1. Close the Remote Synchronization Agent or Stop the ACIRSA Service as needed on the affected Remote Site Server(s)
  2. Identify the duplicate record by Querying the dbo.Domain table

    SELECT [Name], [SID], COUNT(*) 
    FROM Domain
    GROUP BY [Name], [SID]
    HAVING COUNT (*) > 1

  3. Delete the related Kofax Capture User Profile from the Administration Module - Tools - User Profiles menu
  4. Delete the duplicate record of the dbo.Domain table if it remains after Step #3, above

    -- DELETE FROM Domain WHERE [SID] = ''
  5. Open the Remote Synchronization Agent module and complete a Synchronize Now action; Close and start the ACIRSA Service, if needed.    

Applies to:  

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