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Change the Temporary Image Storage location at a Remote Site


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Question / Problem:

Is it possible to change the temporary image storage location at a Remote Site?

Answer / Solution:

Yes, beginning with Kofax Capture 10 Service Pack 2, a new feature was added which allows administrators to configure the temporary image storage location at a Remote Site.

Edit the ACConfig.xml file and add the ImageDirectory element within the ACIServer element:

<ACIServer RemoteSite="1">
    <ImageDirectory Path="C:\TemporaryImageStorage" />

Remove the preceding tag to restore the original behavior.

You can change the Remote Site storage location any time, but a change does not go into effect until you republish the Batch Class at the Central Site and synchronize it to the Remote Site.

Relative paths are not supported.

Although you can change the temporary storage location multiple times for a Remote Site, it is recommended that you keep any location available if it contains images.

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