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Configure KCNS to perform only background work and not take requests from Remote Sites


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Question / Problem:

Is there a method to configure the Kofax Capture Network Service / Ascent Capture Internet Service to perform only background work and not take requests from Remote Sites?

Answer / Solution:

Yes. For each server you wish to dedicate to performing background processes, follow these steps:

  1. Before making any changes, back up the affected Registry Keys.
  2. Run REGEDIT.
  3. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Kofax Image Products\Ascent Capture Internet Server.
NOTE: \Ascent Capture Internet Server\ may not exist if the machine you are working on does not have the KCNS Web Application running on it. If this is the case, manually create this Key and continue through these steps. 
  1. Create a new String Value parameter named RunForeground.
  2. Set the value of this field to 0 (decimal).
  3. Restart the Ascent Capture Service.

Repeat these steps on all servers that you wish to configure for background processing only.

This configuration essentially disables the foreground task of creating the <Machine_Name>.2424 file in the KCN Server Cache\Services or ACIS\Services folder. This file is used by the Kofax Capture Network Server / Ascent Capture Web Server application to identify machines that are available to take Remote Site requests. When the service is restarted after following the steps above, the <Machine_Name>.2424 file related to the server(s) that are configured for background processing mode will no longer be created.

Background processes include:

  • Inserting of Batches
  • Inserting of user tracking data
  • Deleting Batches that were deleted at the Remote Site
  • Building Batches for download (i.e. KCN Server / Ready status backlog)

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Keywords: Best practices, High volume processing, ACIS service, KCNS service, KCN service, Background processing, Foreground processing, .2424