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Configure time frame in which to perform Remote Site Sync


QAID # 11748 Published 

Question / Problem:

Is there a setting at either the Remote or Central Site where the time frame to auto sync can be set?

Answer / Solution:

Yes, the Remote Site Profile has a configuration for polling.

In the Remote Site Profile, the Polling Control allows you to specify which location controls polling.

With the Central Site selected, the same polling options are defined at the Central Site for all Remote Sites that are assigned the Remote Site Profile. The polling settings on the display are subsequently enabled.

With the Remote Site selected, the polling options are defined independently at each Remote Site, therefore the polling settings are disabled on the Polling Control display

Polling Settings (Time Zone of Central Site)

These settings allow for setting the frequency and time of polling. Polling settings are downloaded at Remote Sites whenever the Remote Site synchronizes with the Central Site and there are new settings to download. If polling is controlled by the Central Site, then the time zone of the Central Site is used.

For example, if polling is set to occur at 8 PM at a Central Site in New York, Remote Sites in Los Angeles will poll at 5 PM their time (8 PM New York time).

  • Never poll: This option disables automatic polling. However, if the start date and time are in the future, polling will occur once at that time, and then never again. If the start date and time are in the past, polling will not occur even once.
  • Poll every: Select this option if you want your Remote Sites to automatically poll the Central Site at a defined interval starting from a specific date and time. You can specify the interval in days, hours, or minutes. The default is every 24 hours.
  • Start date: This is the date to start polling. Clicking the down arrow displays a calendar from which you can select another date. Alternatively, click any part of the date, and use the arrows to change that part of the start date. The default is the date of installation.
  • Start time: This is the time to start polling. Click any part of the time, and use the arrows to change that part of the start time. The default is the time of installation.

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