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Custom Port Configuration for KCNS


QAID # 11684 Published 

Question / Problem:

How can a different port be specified with Kofax Capture Network Web Server (KCN Web Server) other than the default ports?

Answer / Solution:

If using the standard Kofax Capture Network Web Server (KCN Web Server) ports is not prefered, alternative ports can be assigned. By default, all HTTP communications use port 80, and all SSL communications use port 443.

To specify a different port number:

Step 1: Configure Internet Information Services

  1. Run the Internet Information Services administrative tool.
  2. Select the Web Site where KCN Web Server Components are installed.
  3. Right-click and select Properties. The Web Site Properties dialog box displays.
  4. Change the TCP Port setting to the desired number, for example 8080.

Step 2: Use the Web Server URL dialog box to specify the new port number

  1. At the Remote Site, from Batch Manager select Options ¦ KCN Server ¦ Web Server URL.
  2. Specify the Web Server URL and the new port number using the following syntax:
    For example, if the alternate TCP port number is 8080, the URL would be something like:

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