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Determine which replication software a KCNS site needs for Disaster Recovery


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Question / Problem:

How can I determine which replication software a Kofax Capture Network Services site needs for disaster recovery?

Answer / Solution:

The replication software to purchase should be a Windows server, file- based, file replication software application that replicates files over a WAN.

It is also a good idea to consider whether the replication software and network can handle the amount of data being replicated.

Do the following to get a ballpark figure of how much data flow the site will see:

  • Keep a record of peak times for a week.
  • Monitor data flow.
  • Check the size of the PDF and TIFF files.
  • Monitor the size of the BatchDB for a week.
  • Export the batch classes and find out the CAB file size.

Use the instructions that came with the third-party software to install and configure the software on a remote server.

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