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Error Downloading Batch 4923 transferring Capture 10.0 SP1 Batches with rejected Documents or Pages to originating site for QC


QAID # 16784 Published

Question / Problem:

After installing KC 10 Service Pack 1 in a KCNS environment, Batches with rejected Documents or Pages fail to transfer back to the originating site for Quality Control (QC).

The error message in the RSA is similar to:

(4923) Error Downloading batch: (5) (Batch Name) 32, Central Site: {CS_NAME}, Station ID: {station_id}

How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

This is a known issue introduced in Kofax Capture 10 Service Pack 1 and reported in SPR 107716. Service Pack 1 added new features for Kofax Reporting and did not take some Batch Status values into account. As a result, Batches with rejected Pages or Documents will not transfer back to the originating Remote Site.

The fix for SPR 107716 is included in KC 10 SP1 FP1 and later, available at: Kofax Capture 10 Downloads#fix-packs-fixes.

A workaround is to recall the Batch back to the Central Site.

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