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Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation error 4904 during RSA Sync with Unattended Scanning running


Question / Problem:

After setting up the Remote site, I get the error

"There are no published batch classes"

and when when synchronizing batch classes:

"(4904) Error while synchronizing batch classes: (5) ACISV: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Please contact the central site administrator for assistance".

How can I fix this error?

Answer / Solution:

This issue has been resolved in Fix Pack 1 and higher for Kofax Capture 10.1

283090 - Error during unattended scanning while the RSA is synchronizing: There are no published batch classes.

To resolve this issue, download and install the latest Service Pack and Fix Pack for Kofax Capture 10.1:

Kofax Capture 10.1 Downloads

Note: Stop KCN Service on each station prior to installing any Service Packs or Fix Packs.  Restart the KCN Service once installation has completed.

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