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Factors impacting the general recommendation for configuring 1 KCN Service for every 50 Remote Sites


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Question / Problem:

What factors can impact the general recommendation for configuring 1 Kofax Capture Network Service for every 50 Remote Sites?

Answer / Solution:

There are many important factors that will quickly impact this recommendation.

These factors include:

  • Size of Batches
  • Size of Batch Classes
  • Batch volume
  • Workflow — More Batch transfers = more load on KCN services.
  • KTM — KTM projects move with the Batch, therefore, this can dramatically impact this recommendation.
  • Total number of Remote Sites
  • Frequency of synchronization from all Remote Sites
  • User Tracking — If enabled, will generate additional data to be uploaded at every synchronization.
  • KCNS service nodes should be dedicated. Running other processes can impact throughput.
  • The number of RSA services running per Remote Site
  • Network — Latency can impact KCN Service throughput. The KCN Service communicates with the following components: CaptureSV, upload cache folder(s), licensing server(s), Web server(s), and the database server.

Other factors may also impact this recommendation. For sizing requirements, Kofax recommends Professional Services.

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