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Force Login when running RSA interactively


QAID# 12591 Published

Question / Problem:

How do I configure RSA to force the user to login when running RSA interactively?

Answer / Solution:

RSA has a configuration option that prompts Remote Site users for login credentials each time the RSA is run as an interactive program.

To add this behavior:

  1. Add the DontStoreCredentials attribute to the ACIServer element in the ACConfig.xml file.
  2. Set the value to “1”.

ACConfig.xml example:

<ACIServer DontStoreCredentials="1">

When this attribute is enabled, Remote Sites can only be run interactively and cannot synchronize without prompting from the Windows notification area or when run as a service. The value from the Central Site is passed to Remote Sites when they synchronize Batch Classes.

If this attribute is added to a Remote Site configuration file, the Remote Site value takes precedence.

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