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Illegal XML characters allowed in the batch name caused problem during RSA synchronization

QAID 19538

Question / Problem: 

What is causing the below Remote Synchronization Agent (RSA) when trying to upload a batch:

(4901) General error while checking batch status: (4) ACISV: '¬', hexadecimal value 0x1F, is an invalid character. Line 9, position 20. Please contact the central site administrator for assistance.,

Answer / Solution: 

The hexadecimal value 0x1F is an illegal character for a batch name.

This is error could be seen also with other unsupported  XML characters.

In Kofax Capture a batch cannot be renamed once it has been created.

The solution is to use the Batch Removal Utility to Export the batch out creating an XML file for re-importing it.

Edit  the XML file and delete 0x1F character for the batch name.

Re-import the batch using XML Auto import.


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