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Non-existant table name was used KdoLib 4070 error during RSA sync


Question / Problem: 

When performing the Capture RSA synchronization process, the following error is observed:

[4070] KdoLib: A non-existant table name was used: 'Batch'. Please contact the central administrator for assistance.



Answer / Solution: 

The Kofax Capture error log will show the following error messages:


[4070] KdoLib: A non-existant table name was used: 'Batch'., at Kofax.IKdoLib.KdoDatabaseClass.FormatCommandValue(String bstrTable, String bstrField, Object varValue, KdoCommand pCommand) at Kofax.ACIS.ACIService.ACIBatch.CreateBatchProperties(IKdoDatabase oACSystemDb, String strBatchGUID, Boolean bWantSetupData, IACIRemoteInfo oInfo) at Kofax.ACIS.ACIService.ACIBatch.GetBatchProperties(IACIRemoteInfo oInfo, String strBatchGUID, Boolean bWantSetupData) at Kofax.ACIS.ACIService.ACIServerConnection.GetBatchProperties(IACIRemoteInfo oInfo, String strBatchGUID, Boolean bWantSetupData).


One possible solution is to re-start all KCNS services.  If there is more than one KCNS service installed at the Central site, be sure to restart all of them.


If re-starting KCNS services does not work then you can disable and re-enable KCNS by doing the following:


  1. Open an elevated cmd
  2. Type ACISCFG.EXE /d <-- This will disable KCNS, a windows will pop-up and press OK
  3. Then type ACISCFG.EXE <-- A windows will pop-up confirming the user and just press OK


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