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Not enough space on the disk error during Remote Site Sync


Question / Problem: 

During Remote site sync we see the following error:

8/30/2019 1:29:13 PM, -2146233088, KdoDatabase.cpp: 6566;BatchInserter.InsertBatch (75);ACIServer.InsertBatch (120), WORKSTATION, Server Version: 10.2.591, TID: b4bd6d75-728b-4e3c-b986-6959de5f92b3, Remote Site: SERVER, WORKSTATION, 10.2.591, ACISV: [4093] KdoLib: [112] KFRS: There is not enough space on the disk.


Where SERVER is the Remote Site servername and WORKSTATION is the name of the Kofax Workstation installed from the SERVER.

Answer / Solution: 

After checking the machines listed in the error, one of them is a WORKSTATION tied to the SERVER Remote site machine and it's C drive was down to 48MB empty space. This workstation performs some automated tasks such as Release, so batches are being processed from that workstation.

After clearing some TEMP files and other unnecessary files, we freed up about 4GB of space.

This allowed the RSA sync to complete without further errors.



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