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Remote Site License Activation Code Error


Question / Problem: 

Remote Site server is encountering a License Error when attempting to launch Kofax Capture modules: 

[8080] AcLicClnt: The activation code is not licensed for use with the currently installed version of Kofax Capture

Batches had previously processed on the affected machine; the error was not previously received on the Remote Site server. What may cause this error?

Answer / Solution: 

This error can occur if there is any Port Contention such as a specifed ports in IIS for the KCN Web Server URL. 

  • Configuring the Web Server URL to include the speficied port within IIS will resolve the issue.  
  • An alternative is to reconfigure IIS to use the Standard TCP/IP Port (80) for which the Remote Site was initially completed and successfully communicated on.  

Additional details are available within the Kofax Capture Installation Guide - Planning Your Kofax Capture Network Server Installation, as follows: 

Web Server Port Numbers
KCN Server allows remote sites to communicate with the Web server on ports other than
port 80 for HTTP and 443 for SSL. Although you can specify any port number from 0 to
65535, you should keep in mind possible conflicts with other processes that may be using
communications ports. If you want to use alternate ports, be sure to first consult with your
In general, these port numbers are divided into three ranges:
? “Well Known Ports” ranging from 0 through 1023
? “Registered Ports” ranging from 1024 through 49151
? “Dynamic and/or Private Ports” ranging from 49152 through 65535
For the most part, ports in the first two ranges are used, either by convention or registration,
for specific purposes. The dynamic and private ports are open for general use.
When selecting an alternate port, your primary concerns should be ensuring that the port is
free, and that your firewall (if any) will allow its use.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
CAPTURE ALL License Utility



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