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Service Pack or Fix Pack Mismatch between Central and Remote Sites Causes Potential Problems


Question / Problem: 

Could there be potential problems on Remote Sites until the service pack/fix pack is installed on it to match the Kofax Capture version at the Central Site?

Answer / Solution: 

Yes, there could be potential problems until Central Site and Remote Sites are on the same version so the Remote Sites would need to be updated as quickly as possible after updating the Central Site first.


Below are some examples of potential problems:

  • Remote Sites not able to synchronize successfully with the Central Site.
  • Batches created at the Remote Site not able to be uploaded to the Central Site or encounter issues at the Central Site if they were able to be uploaded.
  • Batches created at the Central Site not able to be downloaded to the Remote Site or encounter issues at the Remote Site if they were able to be downloaded.


There is less chance for issues as long as there are no changes made to the batch classes during the upgrade process.


Applies to:  

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