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Activate the license for a backup license server


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Question / Problem:

How do I activate the license for a backup license server?

Answer / Solution:

To configure a backup license server:

  1. Ensure that the license on the primary server has already been activated (this should have happened when you installed Kofax Capture / Ascent Capture).
  2. Install a Capture Workstation on a second (or additional) computer.
  3. Install/attach the backup license server’s hardware dongle.
  4. Run ACLicSrvCfg.exe (to install the license service) from \Bin\ACLicSrvCfg.exe.
  5. Leave the default user set to Local System and click the OK button.
    • The utility starts the service, and then checks to see if the service is running properly.
NOTE: If you are also using KCN / ACI Server on this computer, a different user is necessary. This user must have access to the folder specified for the licensing service, as well as to the needed ACI Service resources.
  • To activate the backup server license, invoke the license utility by opening a command prompt and running the following command that will cause it to connect to the backup license server service:
    <Kofax Capture installation folder>\Bin\KSALicenseUtility.exe /S <ServerName>

For example, to run the License Utility against the license server named LicBackup, you might use the following command:

...\Bin\KSALicenseUtility.exe /S LicBackup

Once the License Utility dialog opens, you should see the backup license dongle serial number and backup license server name in the bottom information bar.

  1. Follow the steps in the License Utility to activate the license.

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