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Connections were not properly disposed entries in Error Log


QAID # 17020 Published

Question / Problem:

The following error message is seen in the Kofax Capture error log (err_yymm.txt:

[ACLicSrv] LicInterface.RemoveDeadConnections(), 0, The following connections were not properly disposed.

What does this message indicate?

Answer / Solution:

This message is informational and does not require any action. The process below will enter the above information in the error log automatically as a reference to the work it has completed.

The Kofax License Service will run a background process every five minutes that looks to flush obsolete license connections from the License Service cache.

If any connection matched either of the two below conditions, this background process will remove the connection information from the cache:

  1. Connections that were explicitly disposed of by a client.
  2. Connections that are idle for more than 9 minutes.

If a client gracefully closes the connection to the License Service, through closing all modules or stopping all Kofax Capture services, the above-described cleanup process should not be needed to remove the connection information from the cache.

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