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Dongle not Detected when connected via AnywhereUSB to VMWare ESX Server


QAID # 12274 Published

Question / Problem:

Kofax Capture is not able to detect the hardware dongle that is plugged into AnywhereUSB. I am able to see the USB device in Device Manager of my VMWare ESX Server.

Is there any information available on how to make this work?

Answer / Solution:

The Digi AnywhereUSB is a third-party product and is supported by Digi, not Kofax. Digi has produced a whitepaper that has additional instructions for using AnywhereUSB with VMWare ESX servers: VMware ESX Server ¦ Using AnywhereUSB to Connect USB Devices.

Please note that due to the fact that this whitepaper and link are maintained by Digi, any questions pertaining to it should be directed to them.

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