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Insufficient licensing to run the requested module or feature AcLicImp Error 8075 at Remote Site


Question / Problem: 

Error during scan on a Remote site: 8075 AcLicImp: Insufficient licensing to run the requested module or feature

Answer / Solution: 

This issue occurs when a Remote site database may get corrupted by some process, so the database needs to be rebuilt

Steps to rebuild the Kofax Capture database:

  1. Make sure there were no other users connected to the remote site machine or database
  2. Close all Kofax modules
  3. Stop RSA service and KC service and RSA module
  4. Connect to the Central site and remove this remote site from Remote Site Manager
  5. Connect back to the remote site
  6. Start the KC service
  7. Run the following from Elevated CMD: dbutil /install /reinstall
  8. Launch Task Manager to watch and make sure this command launches and completes successfully
  9. Launch Batch Manager
  10. Convert to Remote site, entering the Remote Web URL
  11. Launch RSA module and run a full sync
  12. Connect back to Central site and confirm the machine is now showing
  13. It should have Default or NONE profile
  14. Adjust to the correct Remote site profile
  15. Connect back to remote site and run another full sync


Confirm everything is functioning correctly

  1. Stop the RSA module
  2. Start the RSA Service


Applies to:  

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