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Kofax Capture Service does not remain started due to License Error


Question / Problem:

The Kofax Capture Service does not remain started and, there are License Errors in the Logs.  What could cause this behavior?

Answer / Solution:

If KDBLogging is enabled, and the logfile has become overlarge (exceeding Microsoft NTFS limitations based on the local machine), then the Kofax Capture Service will not start because new rows of data cannot be written to the KDB Log.

Sample License Error: 

[7001] SALicClnt: Unable to connect to license server. The license server may be down or the network may have problems. (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.), at Kofax.ACIS.ACISConfiguration.AcisConfigException.ThrowAcisConfigExceptionOverride(Object oSource, AcisConfigExceptionEnum eErrNumber, Exception oException)
 at Kofax.ACIS.ACISConfiguration.AcisConfigException.ThrowAcisConfigException(Object oSource, Exception oException)
 at Kofax.ACIS.ACISConfiguration.AcisProfileManager.UseVolumeActivations(String strOldActivation, String strNewActivation, Int32& nChallenge)
 at Kofax.ACIS.ACIService.ACIServerConnection.UseVolumeActivations(IACIRemoteInfo oInfo, String strOldActivation, String strNewActivation, Int32& nChallenge), 


Steps to Resolve

  1. Disable KDB Logging on the affected machine(s).
  2. Restart the Kofax Capture Service on the affected machine(s).  
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This behavior was replicated on Kofax Capture 10.1 installed atop Windows Server 2012 with 4-Core & 8GB Ram having a logical drive partition of 100GB. 


Applies to: 

Product Version Category
KC 10.0 Licensing
KC 10.1 Licensing
KC 10.2 Licensing
KC 11.0 Licensing