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Mismatched Machine ID AcLicImp 8088 error after plugging in network cable


QAID # 13196 Published

Question / Problem:

I have connected a development laptop to a customer’s network using a Cat5 cable. Now the Capture License service running on the laptop is generating the error message:

"[8088] AcLicImp: Mismatched Machine ID. It is possible that the network card has been changed."

What is causing this error?

Answer / Solution:

This error occurs when a Capture software license has been previously activated on a multihomed system.

In this scenario, the Capture license was originally activated while the laptop was connected to the network using the laptop’s wireless NIC. This caused the Capture license to bind to the MAC address of the wireless NIC.

When the laptop is connected to a different network using the other wired (CAT5) NIC in the laptop, the error message is correctly generated because a different MAC address is detected.

To resolve the issue, please see KB 8056 for information related to requesting a temporary activation code.

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