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Scan Volume Decrement Order


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Question / Problem:

In what order are scan volumes used / decremented?

Answer / Solution:

There are two classes of volume licenses: periodic licenses and one-time use licenses. Periodic licenses (monthly/yearly) are used first followed by any one-time licenses.

Periodic licenses are the most common form of volume license, and automatically renew on a regular cycle. Annual licenses reset to their maximum volume allowance on the first day of each year. If a new volume license is purchased mid-period, it begins with a full volume. If you upgrade to a license with a greater volume, the volume count continues uninterrupted; it does not reset.

One-time use licenses work by authorizing an absolute number of pages. Each time you process a page, the number is decremented by one. When the remaining amount reaches zero, the license expires. It does not automatically renew.

When used in conjunction with periodic licenses, a one-time use license acts as a reserve. If the periodic license count falls to zero, Capture will start using the one-time use license until the periodic license resets or ythe absolute count is depleted.

Warning - If the one-time use license falls to zero before the periodic license resets, production work will cease.

You can purchase one-time use licenses at any time. If you have a remaining volume on a current one- time use license, the new volume is added to the remaining count.

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