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Sharing Capture 11.0 licensing with Capture 9.0 environment not supported


Question / Problem: 

Does Kofax support pointing Kofax Capture 9.0 environment to a Capture 11.0 licensing server? 

After attempting to launch license utility the following error occurs:

Error: Unable to get licenses status. The license server may be down or the network may have problems.
(5004) LicUtl: Member name 'Kofax.ASBU.ACLisSrv.LicensesInfoExt SalicenseIfo+M_NID' not found

Answer / Solution: 

No.  Due to compatibility issues between the Capture 9.0 Licensing and Capture 11.0 Licensing, Kofax does not support sharing the licensing from a Capture 11.0 environment with a Capture 9.0 environment.

Applies to:  

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