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Unable to connect to Remote Server ACLicClnt error 7001 after changing Capture Server IP Address


Question / Problem:

After changing the Capture Server's IP address, launching any module results in the following error:

"COM error 7001 ACLicClnt: Unable to connect to license server. The license server may
be down or the network may have problems. (the underlying connection was closed: unable
to connect to the remote server)"

How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

This error indicates that the clients cannot find the License service on the expected port and IP address. Since most IP address changes coincide with a reboot of the server, it is unlikely that most users will ever see this error. However, some operating systems allow an IP change without a reboot.

Whenever there is a change to the IP address of the Ascent Capture server, the Ascent Capture Service service must be restarted. Restarting the Ascent Capture Service service refreshes the server information and should allow the clients to successfully connect to the License server.

It is also possible that the license service has been disabled in the System Registry.

Open the System Registry and browse to the following Registry Key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Kofax Image Products\Ascent Capture Service\Licensing\Licensing Service

or on a 64bit system

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Kofax Image Products\Ascent Capture Service\Licensing\Licensing Service

Check the "Enabled" value. If its value is 0, change it to 1, then stop and start the Ascent Capture Service service.

NOTE: Before editing the System Registry, be sure to create a backup.

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