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Unable to connect to license server 403 Forbidden AcLicClnt 7001

Question / Problem:

Why do I receive the error message:

[7001] AcLicClnt: Unable to connect to license server. The license server may be down or the network may have problems.( The remote server returned 
an error: (403) Forbidden.)

when attempting to open any Kofax Capture / Ascent Capture module? How can I troubleshoot this error?

Answer / Solution:

Unrestricted access to port 2424 is required for Capture Licensing to function.

It has been observed that a firewall or other security device blocking port 2424 to the license server will cause this error.

Ensure that the workstation is able to access port 2424 on the license server.

Testing using a Web browser to connect to the license server on port 2424 may indicate what is blocking the port.

Example: http://LicenseServer:2424

Example HTTP error returned:

This site is blocked by the Sonicwall Content Filter Service
URL: http://LicenseServer:2424
Reason for restriction: Administrative Custom List Settings.

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Keywords: 7001 404, Licensing Forbidden