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Unable to find hardware key AcLicImp 8038 when opening any Capture Module


QAID # 17499 Published

Question / Problem:

When opening any Kofax Capture modules, I receive an error message:

8038: AcLicImp: Unable to find hardware key. Please ensure that you have a valid hardware key.

Why does this error occur?

Answer / Solution:

There may be several causes for this error:

  • The hardware key may be defective. As a test, connect the hardware key to a Capture workstation that is known to work without errors. If the key does not work, then the key is defective and will need to be sent in for an RMA. However, if the key works without any errors, then there may be an issue with either the USB ports or the drivers on the problem machine.
  • The drivers on the machine may have become corrupt.  
    To resolve this issue:
    1. Remove the hardware key.
    2. Go to SafeNet ¦ Sentinel Drivers.
    3. Download and run the SSD Cleanup utility to uninstall all the drivers. Restart the machine once this is complete.
    4. Download and run Sentinel Protection Installer v7.x to reinstall the drivers. Restart the machine once this is complete.
    5. Once the computer is up, replace the hardware key. The key should be recognized by Capture. If the key is still not recognized, there may be an issue with the USB ports. Please refer to your computer manufacturer for resolving any problems with the USB ports.
  • Port 2424 used by the licensing service may be blocked by Windows Firewall.

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Keywords: License, Drivers, Sentinel, Dongle, USB