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Abandoning lock because update count is stale error in Capture Errors Log


QAID # 7256 Published

Question / Problem:

Why am I receiving the following message in the Ascent Capture Error Log:

“Abandoning lock {<xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx>} because update count is stale.”?

Answer / Solution:

The following information can be used in addition to QAID 8464:

The type and nature of this error points to an intermittent network problem as being the most likely source of this issue. The error message: "Abandoning lock..." will occur when a batch is in a module that fails. It is part of the batch recovery process.

Usually, the messages in the error log show that it is typically the Batch Manager module encountering this problem, but it can also be encountered in the other modules, such as Scan, Validation and the Recognition Server module.

The error most likely appears more often in one of the modules, but this is probably due to that module being used more often. This type of error is usually due to an intermittent loss of a reliable network connection.

One thing to verify is that the Link Speed & Duplex property on all Network Interface Cards (NIC) is set to at least 100 Mbps / Full duplex.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 6.0 Batch Manager
CAPTURE 6.1 Batch Manager
CAPTURE 7.0 Batch Manager
CAPTURE 7.5 Batch Manager
CAPTURE 8.0 Batch Manager
CAPTURE 9.0 Batch Manager