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Batch Creation Date and Time from Deleted Batches Log


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Question / Problem:

For a Batch that has been exported or deleted, is there any method for determining that Batch's creation date and time?

Answer / Solution:

One way to determine the Batch creation date and time is by reviewing the Deleted Batches Log. This is the CaptureSV\Logs\log_yymm.txt file. This only works for Batches that have been exported/released and/or deleted from within Capture. Each section holds the information for one Batch showing all the dates and times that the Batch was processed through a particular module, and then whether or not it was deleted or exported.

Line number 2 holds the following information:

Line "02", "batch creation station ID", "batch creation date", "batch creation time"

So if you know the name of the Batch (this will be in the first line), you can use the data from Line 2 to determine the Batch creation date and time.

Another method is to run a SQL query against the StatsBatchModule table in the Capture database. The StartDateTime value in StatsBatchModule will contain the creation date/time for a Batch (first record for the Batch).

First, the ExternalBatchID is needed to identify the correct Batch. This can be retrieved from the StatsBatch table. Use the ExternalBatchID to query the StatsBatchModule table and look for the Scan process to find the Batch creation time.

Below are sample SQL queries that can be used:

SELECT * from statsBatch
WHERE BatchName = '(Batch_Name)'

Note the value for the ExternalBatchID, then use it in this query.

SELECT * from statsBatchModule
WHERE ExternalBatchID = (ID_Value)
AND ModuleName = 'Scan'

The StartDateTime value will be the Batch creation time.

Probably the easiest method for new Batches is to add new Batch Fields that have the two Kofax Constants assigned as default values:


This way, the Batch creation date and time will be assigned to Batch Fields, which can then be mapped in the Export Connector so that when the Batch is exported, the values become available in the system back end.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 10.0 Administration
CAPTURE 10.1 Administration
CAPTURE 10.2 Administration
CAPTURE 9.0 Administration
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