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Monitor Capture Module Memory Usage


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Question / Problem:

Is there a tool that I can use to monitor an Ascent Capture module's memory usage?

Answer / Solution:

Yes, you can use Windows' Performance Monitor:

  1. Click Start ¦ Run and enter perfmon.
  2. Click the 'X' button to remove the default processes being monitored.
  3. Click the '+' button to add processes.
  4. 'Performance Object' = Process.
  5. In the 'Select instances from list' field, select the module you wish to monitor (i.e. Release.exe, Recognition.exe, etc.).
  6. In the 'Select counters from list' field, select 'Private Bytes' and 'Add'.
  7. Also select 'Virtual Bytes' and 'Add'.

You can also use Perfmon's Performance Logs and Alerts to configure logs and alerts. The setup process is similar to the steps above. Select the 'Performance Logs and Alerts' item from the Console Root folder in Perfmon. Then right-click the desired item (counter, trace or alerts) and select 'New Log Settings'.

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