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Errors running a module as a service not encountered running as module


QAID # 10631 Published 

Question / Problem:

If I encounter problems while running a module as a service that I do not encounter while running as a module, how should I troubleshoot this?

Answer / Solution:

If a module opens but the same module does not start as a service, change the service Log On As account to the logged in account. Ensure that the account is in the same domain which is logged in. This will solve the problem under almost any condition. If this works, it highlights that there is a difference in the permissions or rights assigned to the account being used to run the service and the logged-in account. If a specific account must be used, ensure that it has enough permissions to run the specified module and access the necessary resources.

When a module is run as a service, it is running the same executable file in the same environment as when it is run as a module. The primary difference is the user as which it is being run. The default user for a service is LOCAL SYSTEM, which is fine for installations using only local paths, such as a standalone install, but it is common for modules to need access to network paths, often needing domain credentials. Take this into consideration when choosing the user account under which the service will run.

To view and change the user account for a service:

  1. Open the Services Management Console. This can be done by typing “services.msc” at the run menu or a command line.
  2. Look for “Kofax Capture ” or “Ascent Capture ” as appropriate for the situation. Right-click on the service and select Properties.
  3. Select the Log On tab, where you can choose a user account for the service that is appropriate for the environment.

Applies to: 

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 6.0 Installation
CAPTURE 6.0 Service
CAPTURE 6.1 Installation
CAPTURE 6.1 Service
CAPTURE 7.0 Installation
CAPTURE 7.0 Service
CAPTURE 7.5 Installation
CAPTURE 7.5 Service
CAPTURE 8.0 Installation
CAPTURE 8.0 Service