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Issues caused by not excluding Kofax folders from scanning by anti-virus monitoring and other third-party software


QAID # 22260 Published

Question / Problem:

What are the types of issues that can occur if Kofax folders are not excluded from scanning by anti-virus, monitoring and other third-party software?

Answer / Solution:

Below is a sample list of issues that can occur, but problems are not limited to this list.

These are the most common:

  • Various errors when Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Modules are attempting to process Batches.
    • Example error message: MultiTiff File: File Not Found
  • Various errors trying to launch Kofax Capture modules or services.
    • Example error message: Error Message: CkfxException:0X00000101
  • Random Batches failing to be processed successfully the first time, but reprocessed successfully the second time.
  • Random permission-related issues (example, Anti-Virus locking files & reporting permission issues)
    • Example error message: [3] KFRS: The system cannot find the path specified. [CopyFile(“C:\Program Files\Ascent\Local\BatchDB\<Hexadecimal Number>.mdb”)]
  • Performance-related issues.
  • Missing Batches or images.
    • Example error message: Bad Filename Or Number, Error originally reported by Image Controls: 52 "Bad Filename Or Number
  • KCNS sync-related issues.
  • Corrupted Batch information.
  • Fatal database error trying to open a Batch.
    • Example error message: [4109] KdoLib: Error getting mdb connection. (3343) Unrecognized database format
  • Services failing to start.
  • Processes or services hanging, crashing or failing to start intermittently.
  • Access issues where Kofax software cannot access certain files.

The following are example error messages

Please check QAID 11948 for Best Practices in configuring Kofax folder exclusions.

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